Welcome to the new reproduction page. We are constantly asked questions about knives being original. While we can not eliminate all the questions we want to raise the awareness of they many that have been reproduced. We will have photos of some of the knives listed here and many ads from over the years showing what was available at one time or another. This will always be a work in progress page as we learn more about current reproductions and gather more information about those from years past. Many of the ads and knives have been sent to us for examination, photos and scanning, to those of you who sent in items we thank you. In particular we wish to thank our good friend Bill Adams for sending two boxes of knives from his collection. Some of the knives are items Bill had made while he was with Atlanta Cutlery and others were items they sold. The SOG knives and Ranger knives Bill had made were marked M.R.L. on the ricassos but some will be found today with the marking ground or filed off. We also wish to thank Ron Braehler who sent us many of the old ads you will see in here. Ron has quite a collection of them and it was an answer to a prayer to see them all in one place. The photos are large in most cases to show the items up close and with good resolution. This is welcomed to see the differences. Click on the thumbnails for the full size photos. 

We are still looking for various Case V42's and scabbards, these are asked about a lot.

So here we have it, the repro page, Knowledge is Power.

Lots of new ones this month. 

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