The V42 Knife

This a very rare knife and the proud collector who finds one can certainly call it the center piece of any collection. The graceful lines of the hand made knife are almost in opposite to most military knives made robust for long wear and tear. The V42 was hand made and only issued in small numbers to a very elite fighting force, The First Special Service Force. All the above adds up to big dollars for any example found on the market. This in turn pushes the unethical to turn the many reproductions made over the years to embellish the product for a quick sale to the unsuspecting. This knife is now faked in just about any venue it is offered in. The online auctions are ripe for the pickings on this one so do your home work. We will list a few of the examples that have been available over the years in reproduction form. These knives are the basis from which most of the fake knives start.

 1DEC 07 2003 026.jpg (299844 bytes)   1DEC 07 2003 027.jpg (160797 bytes)    1DEC 07 2003 028.jpg (153738 bytes)    1_V42_BLADE.jpg (152147 bytes)    1_V42_HANDLE.jpg (144310 bytes)    1_V42_POMMEL.jpg (51309 bytes)    1_V42_Stamp.JPG (68186 bytes)    v42c.jpg (43835 bytes)

Thanks to our good friend Warren McQuiggan we have some great shots of the Case V42 reproduction they produced in 1998. All the above photos are of the Repro except the last one which is a real WW II era V-42. Note the design and shape of the Case name stamping and the thumbprint which goes from edge to edge on the original but not on the repro. The originals also have a noticeable pin in the pommel while the reproduction does not.  Several V42's have been reproduced over the years. We are still looking for photos of others so if you have one please let us know! 


1_V42_HANW_2.jpg (150625 bytes)    1_V42_HANW_3.jpg (119485 bytes)    1_V42_HANW_4.jpg (192581 bytes)    1_V42_HANWEI.jpg (94416 bytes)    1_V42_HANWEI_BLADE.jpg (236803 bytes)    

Again we have some great photos from our good friend Warren McQuiggan. This is the newer V42 not being sold all over the place at a very inexpensive price. This is an import from China. The blade markings are etched so we have a good chance they will be altered by some crooks in time to come. Note there is not an exposed pin in the pommel and the thumbprint ridges do not run out to the ends. Easy to spot but with alterations it may turn up as an "unmarked prototype" some day. 


case92_1.jpg (54243 bytes)    case92_2.jpg (18516 bytes)    case92_3.jpg (79107 bytes)    case92_4.jpg (18046 bytes)    case92_5.jpg (39814 bytes)    CaseV42_1992.JPG (112561 bytes)   CaseV42_1992a.JPG (152824 bytes) 

Here we have pictures of the 1992 Case reproduction. This one is easy to spot with the leather and aluminum spacers in the smooth handle. It has black plastic spacers at the guard and pommel and does not have the leather cushion washer at the guard. It is stamped U.S. / 1992 on the reverse ricasso. It would be hard to re-handle this knife and have the grooved leather washers look good. It should be an easy one to spot if faked. 


Repro_V42_1984a.JPG (51407 bytes)    COPPI_0010a.JPG (75234 bytes)    COPPI_0011a.JPG (44083 bytes)    COPPI_0012a.JPG (47476 bytes)    COPPI_0013a.JPG (46209 bytes)    COPPI_0014a.JPG (39725 bytes)    COPPI_0015a.JPG (46703 bytes)    COPPI_0016a.JPG (36833 bytes)    COPPI_0017a.JPG (35647 bytes)    COPPI_0018a.JPG (28842 bytes)    COPPI_0019a.JPG (35782 bytes)    COPPI_0020a.JPG (35393 bytes)    COPPI_0021a.JPG (28996 bytes)    COPPI_0023a.JPG (36660 bytes)   COPPI_0024a.JPG (44758 bytes)     COPPI_0028a.JPG (40803 bytes) COPPI_002a.JPG (41779 bytes)      COPPI_0030a.JPG (78149 bytes)     COPPI_0031a.JPG (41574 bytes)    COPPI_003a.JPG (42281 bytes)    COPPI_004a.JPG (81673 bytes)    COPPI_005a.JPG (69864 bytes)    COPPI_006a.JPG (76647 bytes)   COPPI_007a.JPG (94946 bytes)    COPPI_009a.JPG (43263 bytes)  

Above we have the COPPI version as sold by Continental Precision circa 1984. This is a high quality reproduction and a high quality sheath. Note the name is stamped inside the sheath belt loop in white ink. On a new item this should be easy to spot but on a well aged one this may be gone. Thanks to John Gibson for loaning us this piece to take extensive photos of.


V42_HGLong_000a.JPG (42285 bytes)    V42_HGLong_001a.JPG (39526 bytes)    V42_HGLong_003a.JPG (67404 bytes)    V42_HGLong_005a.JPG (65184 bytes)    V42_HGLong_006a.JPG (78274 bytes)    V42_HGLong_008a.JPG (44461 bytes)    V42_HGLong_009a.JPG (45867 bytes)    V42_HGLong_010a.JPG (43108 bytes)    V42_HGLong_011a.JPG (43735 bytes)    V42_HGLong_012a.JPG (43922 bytes)    HG_Long.jpg.jpg (319365 bytes)    HG_Long2.jpg.jpg (327769 bytes)

Repro V42 0001.jpg (1818692 bytes)    Repro V42 HGLong 001.jpg (1737586 bytes)    Repro V42 HGLong.jpg (1363582 bytes)

Above is the H.G. Long version of the V42 made a few years ago. This is also a good quality knife and the basis for many fakes. The handle would have to be altered but the other parts could be used.


V42_Scabbard_0001.jpg (44683 bytes)    V42_Scabbard_0002.jpg (38754 bytes)    V42_Scabbard_0003.jpg (34427 bytes)    V42_Scabbard_0004.jpg (46214 bytes)    V42_Scabbard_0005.jpg (50620 bytes)    

V42_Scabbard_0006.jpg (72535 bytes)    V42_Scabbard_0007.jpg (35333 bytes)    V42_Scabbard_0008.jpg (33596 bytes)    V42_Scabbard_0009.jpg (31110 bytes)

Our thanks to Gerry Shaw, a collector of First Special Service Forces items for sharing these photos with us. Original next to reproductions for comparisons.

V42_AHF.jpg (219654 bytes)    V42_AHF1.jpg (273701 bytes)    V42_AHF2.jpg (170559 bytes)    V42_AHF3.jpg (220650 bytes)
This is the American Historical Foundation reproduction oft he V-42. This is the American Version, they had one with a blued blade they called the Canadian Version as well.


Hibben V42 001.jpg (1460027 bytes)    Hibben V42 002.jpg (1312091 bytes)   Hibben V42 003.jpg (1749389 bytes)     Hibben V42.jpg (1675279 bytes)
Though this one isn't likely to fool anyone we need to know what it looks like so when you are approached to buy a prototype V-42 you know where the blade came from! 


More photos of the American Historical Foundation reproductions. The American.

Amer Hist V42 American 001.JPG (49843 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 American 002.JPG (40655 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 American 003.JPG (51549 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 American 004.JPG (63121 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 American 005.JPG (71864 bytes)  Amer Hist V42 American 006.JPG (68676 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 American 007.JPG (74206 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 American 008.JPG (59350 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 American 009.JPG (49395 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 American 010.JPG (59449 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 American.JPG (48524 bytes)


The Canadian

Amer Hist V42 Canadian 001.JPG (66411 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 Canadian 002.JPG (77755 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 Canadian 003.JPG (68676 bytes)   Amer Hist V42 Canadian 004.JPG (74206 bytes)  Amer Hist V42 Canadian 005.JPG (59350 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 Canadian 006.JPG (68322 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 Canadian 007.JPG (52862 bytes)    Amer Hist V42 Canadian 008.JPG (61649 bytes)   Amer Hist V42 Canadian 009.JPG (62777 bytes)  Amer Hist V42 Canadian.JPG (64362 bytes)  


V42 IMA Collector Grade 001.jpg (446489 bytes)    V42 IMA Collector Grade 002.jpg (769683 bytes)    V42 IMA Collector Grade 003.jpg (415428 bytes)    V42 IMA Collector Grade 004.jpg (770133 bytes)    V42 IMA Collector Grade 005.jpg (449637 bytes)    V42 IMA Collector Grade 006.jpg (407068 bytes)
IMA Collector GradeCcurrent 2009 Offering


V42 IMA Standard Grade 001.jpg (102319 bytes)    V42 IMA Standard Grade 002.jpg (164130 bytes)  V42 IMA Standard Grade 003.jpg (118304 bytes)    V42 IMA Standard Grade 004.jpg (69017 bytes)    V42 IMA Standard Grade 005.jpg (57215 bytes)    V42 IMA Standard Grade 006.jpg (132064 bytes)    V42 IMA Standard Grade 007.jpg (108970 bytes)
IMA Standard Grade Current 2009 Offering


V42 Repros0001.jpg (352866 bytes)    V42 Repros0002.jpg (422500 bytes)


V42_Thumb Fake.jpg (304195 bytes)

A Fake thumb print. Study it, there will be a test.

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