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This one is also rampant with reproductions. In the past M3 knives were extremely hard to come by, prior to the release of thousands of them in the 1990's. These knives are very well marked and exhibit variations that all collectors adore. Simply put the M3 was made for the collector to chase. With that in mind we find the knives were reproduced around the world as well as in this country. Here are a few from overseas to look out for.


M3_German.JPG (1184676 bytes)    M3_German1.JPG (1356595 bytes)    M3_German2.JPG (1285920 bytes)    M3_German3.JPG (1107884 bytes)    M3_German4.JPG (1186287 bytes)    M3_German5.JPG (1168128 bytes)    M3_German5a.JPG (1196125 bytes)    M3_German6.JPG (1314027 bytes)
All the above are German made based on the M3 design and easy to spot


US_M3_1943_Italy1.JPG (1196338 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy2.JPG (1282344 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy3.JPG (1319034 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy3a.JPG (1334558 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy4.JPG (1297507 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy4a.JPG (1264867 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy5.JPG (1103329 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy6.JPG (1051922 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy7.JPG (1068238 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy8.JPG (1099994 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy8a.JPG (1073602 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy9.JPG (1291439 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy9a.JPG (1350701 bytes)    US_M3_1943_Italy9b.JPG (1271933 bytes)
This one is a little closer to the typical M3 but marked to the French Foreign Legion. Still easy to spot.


US_M3_1943A1.JPG (1131924 bytes)    US_M3_1943A2.JPG (1225045 bytes)    US_M3_1943A3.JPG (1278798 bytes)    US_M3_1943A4.JPG (1041878 bytes)    US_M3_1943A5.JPG (1104896 bytes)    US_M3_1943A6.JPG (1136731 bytes)    US_M3_1943A7.JPG (1136154 bytes)
Now how about this marking... Close enough to catch the unknowing thinking they just discovered a new variation. This one will sneak up and get you...


US_M3_1943.JPG (1260410 bytes)    US_M3_1943a.JPG (1378197 bytes)    US_M3_1943b.JPG (1369956 bytes)    US_M3_1943c.JPG (1377722 bytes)    US_M3_1943d.JPG (1123469 bytes)    US_M3_1943e.JPG (1154292 bytes)    US_M3_1943f.JPG (1132379 bytes)    US_M3_1943g.JPG (1101587 bytes)    US_M3_1943h.JPG (1177534 bytes)
Here is the same knife as the above but it has been "aged" a bit by darkening the handle. The blade was left alone as "mint" blades make collectors forget there own phone numbers. Be careful.


M6_SEMS.JPG (1338437 bytes)    M6_sems0.JPG (1321338 bytes)    M6_sems1.JPG (1196213 bytes)    M6_sems2a.JPG (1210288 bytes)  
Here we have the US SEMS marked M6 scabbard. We receive questions quite often on this one. No it is not a US military marking from WW II that has long been undiscovered! We have long believed they were made in Germany but the Italian knives come with them. Confused... we are.


M8A1_Japan.JPG (1213412 bytes)    M8A1_Japan1.JPG (1129270 bytes)    M8A1_Japan1a.JPG (1153800 bytes)   M8A1_Japan2.JPG (1231786 bytes)    M8A1_Japan3.JPG (1093826 bytes)    M8A1_Japan4.JPG (1072759 bytes)    M8A1_Japan5.JPG (1068149 bytes)
Here we have an M8A1 scabbard that was made in Japan to be sold commercially. Easy to tell from the real thing, these only fool beginners.


M3_Kabar.JPG (1274859 bytes)    M3_Kabar1.JPG (1278885 bytes)    M3_Kabar2.JPG (1235956 bytes)    M3_Kabar3.JPG (1117696 bytes)    M3_Kabar4.JPG (1150675 bytes)    M3_Kabar5.JPG (1146812 bytes)   M3_Kabar6.JPG (1175036 bytes)    M3_Kabar7.JPG (1149996 bytes)
This is one of our favorites, bet you didn't know Ka-Bar made an M3... well they didn't. This one is pure fantasy. It uses one of the Ka-Bar 6 inch hunting knife handles and a late model M7 type blade with the arc'ed back cut. Ripe for the pickin's.


M3_MK2.JPG (1199471 bytes)    M3_mk21.JPG (1265925 bytes)    M3_mk22.JPG (1360035 bytes)    M3_mk23.JPG (1295011 bytes)    M3_mk24.JPG (1098506 bytes)    M3_mk25.JPG (1150529 bytes)    M3_mk26.JPG (1064202 bytes)    M3_mk27.JPG (1116591 bytes)
Here is another fantasy piece we like, uses the Mk2 handle, what is not to like! The odd part of this one is the marking on the cross-guard, one we have not seen before. Do you recognize it??


Camil Bld 1M.jpg (46518 bytes)    Camil Bld 2M.jpg (56374 bytes)    Camil Bld 3M.jpg (46520 bytes)    Camil Bld 4M.JPG (47331 bytes)    Camil Bld 5M.jpg (55175 bytes)    Camil Bld 6M.jpg (67570 bytes)    Camil Bld 7M.JPG (46445 bytes)    M3_Camillus_BM_Replica.jpg (36354 bytes)    M3_Camillus_BM_Replica2.jpg (24369 bytes)    M3_Camillus_BM_Replica3.jpg (33164 bytes)


Our sincere thanks to Bill Cogger for the photo comparisons of the Camillus Reproduction M3 to an original Blade marked version.  The surest way to tell is the two pins in the pommel of an original and the single pinned reproduction. We have seen reproductions with a second pin added but it is so far off center it looks pretty ridiculous and very noticeable. We hope to have the Guard marked version up next.


Camil Grd 1M.jpg (51550 bytes)    Camil Grd 2M.jpg (64032 bytes)    Camil Grd 3M.jpg (42040 bytes)    Camil Grd 4M.jpg (51576 bytes)    Camil Grd 5M.jpg (72587 bytes)    Camil Grd 6M.jpg (67111 bytes)

Again we want to thank Bill Cogger for the side by side photos of a WW II era Camillus Guard Marked M3 and a current reproduction Guard Marked M3. Again note the two pins versus one in the repro. 


M3a_fake.jpg (15081 bytes)    M3b_fake.jpg (21626 bytes)    M3c_fake.jpg (12111 bytes)    M3d_fake.jpg (12657 bytes)    M3e_fake.jpg (48064 bytes)
Here is a new one, easy to pick out when you know what to look for. This has been aged


M3_KI_engraved.JPG (28915 bytes)    M3_KI_engraved2.JPG (94146 bytes)    M3_KI_engraved3.JPG (88575 bytes)    M3_KI_engraved4.JPG (55895 bytes)

Here we have a K.I. that has the markings engraved.


M3_Case_Marking_Sideways.jpg (63903 bytes)

Here we have a M3 Case sideways marking that appears to be engraved.


Fake M3 0001.JPG (38031 bytes)    Fake M3 0002.JPG (119223 bytes)    Fake M3 0003.JPG (95076 bytes)    

This is a pretty obvious reproduction piece


m3fake.jpg (174339 bytes)    m3fake2.jpg (164799 bytes)

This is a welded blade made from a real M3 or two.


M3 Utica M3 Fake BM.jpg (122518 bytes)    M3_Boker_Engraved1.jpg (12819 bytes)    M3_Boker_Engraved2.jpg (14943 bytes)    M3_Boker_Engraved3.jpeg (13970 bytes)    M3_Boker_Engraved4.jpeg (16803 bytes)

A few engraved M3's made to raise the prices. Inspect the markings closely then read what they happen to say. Don't get excited and make a mistake.


M3_Smooth.JPG (223241 bytes)    M3_Smooth1.JPG (227200 bytes)     M3_Smooth1a.JPG (179251 bytes)    M3_Smooth2.JPG (281011 bytes)     M3_Smooth3.JPG (207575 bytes)    M3_Smooth4.JPG (233046 bytes)  

Case_M3_straight.jpg (103997 bytes)    Case_M3_straight1.jpg (68706 bytes)    Case_M3_straight2.jpg (85831 bytes)    Case_M3_straight3.jpg (93491 bytes)    
Modern blade, engraved guard marking, pommel retention...


M3 Case BD 001.JPG (62685 bytes)    M3 Case BD.JPG (49281 bytes)

Modern made Case M3 with a bad stamping. Big bucks spent.


M3 Fake Clone 001.jpg (84984 bytes)    M3 Fake Clone 002.jpg (94463 bytes)    M3 Fake Clone 003.jpg (87055 bytes)    M3 Fake Clone 004.jpg (82737 bytes)    M3 Fake Clone 005.jpg (83406 bytes)    M3 Fake Clone 005.jpg (83406 bytes)    M3 Fake Clone.jpg (76114 bytes)

Just a clone M3 made for the market, not really hard to tell the difference in this one from the real thing. 


M4_Bayo_Case Fake.JPG (6447 bytes)

This is a really bad fake stamping on an M4 bayonet. 


Boker M3 Repro.jpg (94820 bytes)
The new Boker M3 Reproduction


M3 Fantasy 001.jpg (92290 bytes)    M3 Fantasy 002.jpg (98545 bytes)    M3 Fantasy 002.jpg (98545 bytes)    M3 Fantasy.jpg (97950 bytes)
M3 Fantasy Knife


M3 Ontario 001.jpg (140051 bytes)   M3 Ontario 002.jpg (93818 bytes)    M3 Ontario 003.jpg (152431 bytes)    M3 Ontario 004.jpg (197989 bytes)    M3 Ontario.jpg (361358 bytes)
M3 Ontario with guard upside down


M3 Utica M3 Fake BM.jpg (122518 bytes)

M3 Engraved marking


M3_Boker_Engraved1.jpg (12819 bytes)    M3_Boker_Engraved2.jpg (14943 bytes)    M3_Boker_Engraved3.jpeg (13970 bytes)    M3_Boker_Engraved4.jpeg (16803 bytes)

M3 Boker Engraved markings


M3_Smooth.JPG (223241 bytes)    M3_Smooth1.JPG (227200 bytes)    M3_Smooth2.JPG (281011 bytes)    M3_Smooth3.JPG (207575 bytes)    M3_Smooth4.JPG (233046 bytes)
Case marking individually stamped


AgedM301.jpg (484015 bytes)
A little aging applied, good for us is was a sloppy job.


FinalM301.jpg (54648 bytes)    FinalM302.jpg (78272 bytes)
Guttman Cutlery Co. M3 reproduction


M3 Case Fake GM.jpg (238292 bytes)    M3 Case Fake GM1.jpg (251413 bytes)    M3 Case Fake GM2.jpg (200523 bytes)    M3 Case Fake GM3.jpg (236408 bytes)    M3 Case Fake GM4.jpg (234967 bytes)    M3 Case Fake GM5.jpg (218531 bytes)

Don't know where they are coming from...


M3 IMA Repro 001.jpg (449260 bytes)   M3 IMA Repro 002.jpg (519004 bytes)     M3 IMA Repro 003.jpg (405205 bytes)    M3 IMA Repro 005.jpg (432544 bytes)    
Currently available from IMA .


M3-02.jpg (52327 bytes)
This one was buffed up and passed off as real on eBay.


NewToy02.jpg (1281947 bytes)   NewToy04.jpg (646930 bytes) 
Letter opener.


Fake M3 0002.JPG (119223 bytes)

Unknown Manufacturer


M3 Fake twin pin 1.jpg (116110 bytes)    M3 Fake twin pin 2.jpg (137199 bytes)    M3 Fake twin pin 3.jpg (118833 bytes)    M3 Fake twin pin 4.jpg (126829 bytes)    M3 Fake twin pin 5.jpg (83458 bytes)    M3 Fake twin pin 6.jpg (66933 bytes)    M3 Fake twin pin 7.jpg (81969 bytes)    M3 Fake twin pin 8.jpg (85052 bytes)    M3 Fake twin pin 9.jpg (126749 bytes)   M3 Fake twin pin 9a.jpg (130620 bytes) 

Poor job of a fake


M3 Camillus 3 Pin pommel 001.JPG (45330 bytes)    M3 Camillus 3 Pin pommel 002.JPG (37021 bytes)    M3 Camillus 3 Pin pommel 003.JPG (63229 bytes)    M3 Camillus 3 Pin pommel 004.JPG (49260 bytes)    M3 Camillus 3 Pin pommel 005.JPG (28460 bytes)    M3 Camillus 3 Pin pommel 006.JPG (15562 bytes)

Three Pin Pommel! 


P1010047.JPG (174539 bytes)    P1010048.JPG (164780 bytes)    P1010049.JPG (166682 bytes)    P1010050.JPG (156668 bytes)    P1010053.JPG (156741 bytes)    P1010054.JPG (169019 bytes)    P1010055.JPG (138862 bytes)

Not a prototype submitted to the Ordnance Department by Case! 



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