January 2002

"Mystery" knife

As suggested by several folks, we are adding this page to gather what information we can about edged items of unknown origin or backgrounds. We will print what information we do have on them and any theories anyone may have right here on this page. Hit me with your best shot to stimulate the thought process.


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Cole IV Pg 186

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Click on the thumbnails for full size photos. These have been collected from folks around the net sending them on to me.


This one is a real brain teaser. Seems to be made from some sort of sword blade, wood handle and brass pommel. Sharpened only on one side ala chisel grind. The wood grips are inletted around the stick tang in two pieces and riveted together. I have observed them with electric pencil engraving of BACAA (BACAA) in script style writing on them. Any information would be highly appreciated.



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