December 2001

"Mystery" knife

As suggested by several folks, we are adding this page to gather what information we can about edged items of unknown origin or backgrounds. We will print what information we do have on them and any theories anyone may have right here on this page. Hit me with your best shot to stimulate the thought process.

This months entry was supplied to us from our good friend Dick Boyd. All we have is the photo and the caption on the back to go by. Any and all information is welcome, including guesses! 


Aerial Pickup 1944.jpg (41065 bytes)    Aerial Pickup Expanded 1.jpg (76313 bytes)    Aerial Pickup Rev 1 1944.JPG (77639 bytes)


As you can see this is an early test of the Fulton Sky Hook system or at least what was to become the Fulton Sky Hook. I guess it must been cold up there or took quite a long time to get hauled in with the way the fellow is dressed! So what do you think it is? Note the Lift the Dot snap and the open front scabbard. Not like anything we have previously seen.

Mystery Knife 8