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For those of you who are curious about Frank Trzaska here is the page to read. I was told this is supposed to be on every writers web page so I had to make one. To be quite candid it is harder to write this then most of the articles I have written. I am truly boring, spending most of my free time reading and researching knives, history and biographies. I have a real job that pays the bills around here. I have been in heavy truck and equipment maintenance professionally now for 40 years. I originally started writing about knives to keep my thoughts and notes in order. It would have been easier to buy a bigger filing cabinet. It was also very personal, I didn't do too well in English class at school. (I still can't tell you what an adverb is or a verb for that matter, a preposition is completely out of my league.) I loved History class but detested English, well at least the English they taught. That one stumped me early on, why did I need an English class, I spoke it every day? You see I write like I speak, a very simple philosophy. I have these thoughts that just pop into my head, that's my inspiration in writing, very simple actually, I write what I feel like, when I feel like it. The subjects are varied but they usually sway back to the intended subject, much like this piece is going. My favorite outdoor recreations include hunting, shooting, hiking and just generally being in the woods, you see I am a country boy. I have outgrown the fast cars and crotch rocket motorcycles, but they still linger in my blood, when I hear the roar, or smell the rubber, my mind drifts off into another place, I suppose that never leaves you, it's in the blood. I do have a motorcycle just not a speed demon one, keeps me happy and my summers full. We also have a boat to squeeze into  the summer days as well. I have spent much of my active working life in the big Eastern seaboard cities of New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and Atlanta but that doesn't mean I like them, that's just where the largest customer base is for my real job. We currently reside in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey after moving up and down the coast for a few years. We are back in the same town we started in and hope it to be the last move, I have learned to never say never. Married to my high school sweetheart, Karen, for 44  years, we have two children, Jake and Lauren, two Grandsons Rhett and Nash and one Granddaughter Chloe!

A list of my published articles on knives is listed below. We will not list the company newsletters, professional journals, "letters to the editors" of various newspapers, "op ed" pieces, and the countless "Freedom of Information Act" letters sent over the years which could be in the running for a Pulitzer or at least an Academy Award, hell they gave one to Jane so I figure anyone could get one right? Anyway those FOIA letters can get pretty fancy at times and the op ed pieces need to use words I can only figure out by looking to Mr. Roget's Thesaurus for help. If you don't use a few twelve letter words they don't want them in the intellectual section of the papers. See how that one was skillfully woven in there! Well here is that list we were talking about.

Articles in Knife World (all articles marked with an * are reprinted in the book Military Knives : A Reference Book) Back issues of the other Knife World articles are available through www.knifeworld.com 

Collins Machetes * 1-97

Colonial Giant Jack Knife * 2-97

Kabar Generation X  3-97

Kabar TL-29 *  3-97

M1913 Patton Saber  4-97

American Military Edged Weaponry Museum  5-97

1880 Hunting Knife *  6-97

USMC Raider Stiletto *  7-97

Mystery Knives  8-97

M3 Trench Knife * 9-97

MC-1 Aircrew Knife * 10-97

Military Knife Books  12-97

Vietnam Demo Knife *  1-98

OSS Stiletto * 2-98

Product Improved Mark 2 Bayonet  3-98

Case V-42 First Special Service Force Knife * 4-98

Case Military Knives *  7-98

V-44... or is it? *  8-98

Knives That Didn't Cut it *  9-98

Mission Knives MPK * 10-98

Pilots Survival Knife *  12/98

Marbles Jet Pilot Knife *  01/99

M2 Paratrooper Knife * 02/99

1917 / 1918 Trench Knives *  04/99

Vietnam Tomahawk  05/99

Red Spacer Ka-Bar Mark 2 *  06/99

Colonial Mark-1 *  08/99

1918 MK1 Trench Knife *  09-99

Jet Pilots Survival Knife *  11/99

Ontario Mk-2 *  01/00

Dale Sandberg EDMF Knives *  02/00

Knives Born in Vietnam *  03/00

1849 Rifleman's Knife *  04/00

Lan-Cay M9 Bayonet  06/00

USN Non-Mag Dive Knives *  08/00

Lan-Cay M11 EOD Knife 09/00

Taylor Huff / Patriot *  11/00

USN Mark 1 *  12/00

Randall Model 15 Airman 02/01

Where Are They Now  03/01

Camillus: The Early Years of WWII  04/01

Camillus Mark 2  06/01

The Hughes Trench Knife Knife  07/01

Where Are They Now 2  09/01

What to Collect?  11/01

Trail Cutting Machete Part 1  12/01

Trail Cutting Machete Part 2  01/02

M1917 / FFL  02/02

UDT Rumors 03/02

WW II Bayonets (M1)  04/02

Stone Knives***  05/02*** Co-Authored

German Sword and Knife Makers Review 05/02

Rangers Knife  06/02

Filipino Bolo Knife  08/02

Boker Survival Knife  09/02

V42 Again    10/02

John Ek Commando Knives    12/02

USMC Parachutist    01/03

The M4 Bayonet of WW II    03/03

Crozier Tech Knives    04/03

USMC HCK    06/03

M1905 HCK    08/03

M1909 Bolo    09/03

USMC Bayonet (Ontario) 11/03

M1910 Bolo Knife    12/03

The Q Knives    02/04

USMC Intrenching Machete    03/04

Camillus Military 2003    04/04

Krag Bowie Bayonet    06/04

Riser Cutters    07/04

M1942 Machete    08/04

Post War M1942 Machete    09/04

Ontario ASEK    10/04

Morey Mk1 Knives    11/04

Post WW II Mark 2    01/05

Camillus Bayonet    02/05

Reproduction Recognition    03/05

Fish Knives    04/05

USN Mark 3    05/05

The Ordnance Dept in WWI    06/05

M1939 Machete    08/05

Krag Bolo Bayonet    09/05

Little EOD Knife    11/05

USMC 1219C2 Pt I   12/05

USMC 1219C2 Pt II    01/06

Colonial M724    03/06

The Engineers Machete    05/06

Anderson Knife Co    06/06

Montana Power Co.    07/06

The USN Mark 2    08/06

Folding Machete    10/06

Corrections, Grab the White Out    11/06

The True V44 Case Machete    12/06

Model of 1917 C.T.    01/07

Type A1 Folding Machete    02/07

Patton Bayonet    03/07

SF Bolo Machetes    04/07

PAL RH36    05/07

MIL-K Knives    06/07

1998 M7 Bayonet Contract    07/07

In Search of MSI    10/07

SF Prototype Bolo    11/07

Goodbye Camillus    12/07

M3 Revisited    01/08

Ontario Rescue Knives    02/08

LC-14 & LC-14A    04/08

SOG Knives    01/10

New Caledonia Knives    05/12

Ben Rocklin            08/12

Aluminum Gang   11/12

 Bimson   04/13

Military Minutia  05/13

The 5 Inch Hunting Knives USAAF  02/14

Richtig Military Models   10/14

Langbein Fighting Knives  11/14

Marbles Oddities   12/14

Texas Hwy Knives   01/15

The Case V-42 Revisited  03/15

Balloonist Knives   05/15

Merrill Brown Knives   06/15

Greishaber Knives   07/15

Anderson Knife Co   12/15


Knife World becomes Knife Magazine 

Parsons   01/16

Cornelison     04/16

Northfield Knives     06/16



Navy V-42   02/2017

Leo F Baker Knives    05/2017

USMC Red Spacers Revisited    07/2017  

The Model of 1890 Intrenching Knife   09/2017

SRU/16P Survival Kit Knife  10/2017  



Tactical Knives Magazine

LanCay Company    Nov 05

Peloza Knives    Sept 06

Surplus Mk2    Jan 2013

Vietnam Parsons    May 2013

MC-1     July 2013


Blade Magazine

Knives of WW I Pt I    June 2017

Knives of WW I - Pt II     July 2017


Fighting Knives Magazine

UDT Knives  09/94


Chute & Dagger Journal

Insignia Dagger  7/95


Society of American Bayonet Collectors Journal

USMC Unknown Bayonet  Spring 98

Two bayonets per Rifle? Winter / 98

The Flaming Bayonet    Winter /01

Special Heat Treated Bayonets    Spring / 03

USN Mark 1 Plastic Bayonets    Summer / 03

Send M1903 Bayonets    2005

Mark 1 Bayonet Prototype    2005

Patton Bayonet Winter / 06


Oregon Knife Collectors Association Newsletter

Kabar Commemorative 10/95

1918 MK1 Trench Knife 11/95

V44 12/95

USMC Stiletto 1/96

Case V-42 2/96

Mark II 3/96

OSS Stiletto 4/96

M3 Trench Knife 5/96

Vietnam Tomahawk 9/96

Jet Pilot Knife 10/96

Insignia Dagger 11/96

Product Improved Bayonet 12/96

1849 Rifleman's Knife 1/97

Trowel Bayonet 2/97

Knife Buying 3/97

Georgia Pikes 4/97

Theatre Knives 5/97

Bayonet Pt I 9/97

Bayonet Pt II 10/97

Bayonet Pt III 11/97

Bayonet Pt IV 12/97

Bayonet Pt V 1/98

Bayonet Pt VI 2/98

Bayonet Pt VII 3/98

The beginning of Knife Knotes, an ongoing discussion about knives, quotes, tall tales and the world in general with a cutting edge. Part 1 9/98

Notes Part II 10/98

Notes Part III 11/98

Notes Part IV 12/98

Notes Part V 01/99

Notes Part VI 02/99

Notes Part VII 03/99

Book Excerpt 04/99

Notes Part VIII 05/99

Notes Part IX 09/99

Notes Part X 10/99

Notes Part XI 11/99

Notes Part XII 12/99

Notes Part XIII 01/00

Notes Part XIV 02/00

Notes Part XV 03/00

Notes Part XVI 04/00

Notes Part XVII 09/00

Notes Part XVIII 10/00

Notes Part XIX 11/00

Notes Part XX 12/00

Notes Part XXI 01/01

Notes Part XXII 02/01

Notes Part XXIII 03/01

Notes Part XXIV 09/01

Notes Part XXV 10/01

Notes Part XXVI 11/01

Notes Part XXVII 12/01

Notes Part XXVIII 01/02

**** Too much to list... Steady through 12/07...


Edited for publishing / printing 

Bayonets, Knives & Scabbards 1917 - 1945

US Bayonet Letters Patent CD

Contributed to

U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets & Machetes Price Guide, Edition III & IV


Articles currently in progress, soon in a theater near you. If you can add to the research on any of these current topics please e-mail me at trz123@comcast.net

USN Deep Diving Knives


Mark 2 Sheaths

M1887 HCK

Survival Tools

M1917 Cutlass

FS and the Rangers

PAL Blade Co., the War Years

Camillus and Liberty Electric Co. E1 Escape Knives

Marbles of WW II

USN Mk1 & Mk2 machetes


Nguyen Dan

We also have the website you are now in. Started many years ago as a place to put some thoughts it has attracted Writers, Historians, Collectors and Users from every corner of the Globe. It has grown more then I could have ever imagined and is read (and copied much to my dismay) by hundreds of thousands each month. We do not advertise in any forms anywhere, it is all word of mouth. We have held off putting ads in the site although we have been pursued. We do not sell mailing lists or click information, it is all supported from book sales and document copies. 

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