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Listed here are the remainder of what I consider the minimum library for any U.S. Military Knife or Bayonet collector. Much of the pleasure in collecting knives is reading a good book or article about them, while studying the variations in pictures and drawings. Don't miss that part of the fun for a few bucks saved in not buying a book. Each one of these can save you the price of itself by steering you away from one bad purchase.


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Knives of the United States Military in Vietnam, by M.W. Silvey

For those interested in the knives of the Vietnam Era, this is the one for you. Mike Silvey brings the knives to life is his splendid color photography. They almost jump off the page at you. Along with the knives are rare pocket and team patches from Special Forces and Recon warriors. Not much text but a lot of pictures. Great book. 
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Knives of the United States Military World War Two, by M.W. Silvey

Another celebration of color from our friend Mike Silvey. This time Mike records the knives of World War Two. Super photographs in a 250 page book. This one is sure to become a collectors item in itself. Issue knives and private purchase items are in here. Along with the knives Mike has displayed some super accoutrements of that era in artful shots. 

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Pocket Knives of the United States Military 

by Mike Silvey


Well it finally arrived, and it was worth the wait. Mike has done it again, mixing wonderful full color photographs with informative text to bring us a book missing from the collecting world. Pocket Knives of the United States Military is a long overdue work. Never given their full credit when compared with the big brother, the straight blade, the pocket knife has been a part of the military hardware for many years. Mike takes us along the journey from the very beginning if issuing knives right up to the modern era. The books layout is in chronological order making each turn of the page a little closer to the present day. Along with the photos we learn about history and the usage of the knife along the way. Many of the knives featured have never been shown in any publications that we are aware of. These first time featured knives enrich the hobby and lay out a path for future collectors to follow.

Following in the Silvey tradition the book is hardbound. A 7 X 8 inch format is new to us but certainly compliments the photography. Totaling 135 high glossy acid free pages the book presents almost 200 different pocket knives along with many military items of the time period. Many of the objects Mike selects for his background and props are in themselves very collectable.

Destined to become a classic on the subject, this is one you do not want to miss. You will refer to it many times. What else can we say about it, Mike has done a great job as usual, we have come to expect that from the Master. 

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Pocket Knives of the United States Military is one that should grace the shelves of every knife collector and will be a welcome addition to our library.


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Pocket Knives of the United States Military

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