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fifth Edition

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After five long years the US Military Knives, Bayonets and Machete Price Guide is back in the new Fifth Edition. A lot has been added to the contents from discoveries over the years and the format is all new as well. We have added three new books to the reference section, The Best of US Military Knives Bayonets and Machetes, Pocket Knives of the US Military and Military Knives: A Reference Book. In addition we changed the format of the book. A lot of discussion went into this and we came up with what we consider to be a real bonus, pocket size. Thatís right the new Guide is in 4 X 9 size to allow you to take it with you to your next gun, knife or antique show! All the listings are still included but the layout is now condensed to easily note the reference book and the price across the line. Simple to use and a good reason to buy the books referenced in the guide. In any case the price is still low at only SOLD OUT which makes it cheaper then any of the knives listed in it. No excuses for not having one.

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