September 2003

"Mystery" knife

Well we have skipped a few months in this section but we have yet another mystery to be solved. This one has haunted us for many years now and not a single bit of evidence or documentation has yet to arise on it. The MSI marked Mark 2 is this months featured mystery. So, have you heard of them? Do you know who they were? Where they were located? Did they make any other products? Someone, somewhere must know who they were or still are...

MSI_1.jpg (41991 bytes)

Overall view of the MSI Mark 2 knife

MSI_2.jpg (42780 bytes)

Close up of the markings. Note the periods following the U and the S are midway up the letters. The U and the S are not in alignment nor are the centered over the MSI. And the MSI markings do not have periods following them.

MSI_3.jpg (118693 bytes)

Close up of the handle which has the anti-fungus coating on it. This handle configuration is not like the current Camillus nor the Ontario offerings.

MSI_4.jpg (90964 bytes)

Close up of the heavy Parkerized blade.

MSI_5.jpg (149855 bytes)

Note the machining marks in the fuller. Of the few MSI knives we have handled, all exhibited this type of quick finishing, lacking attention to minor details.


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