January 2003

"Mystery" knife

As suggested by several folks, we are adding this page to gather what information we can about edged items of unknown origin or backgrounds. We will print what information we do have on them and any theories anyone may have right here on this page. Hit me with your best shot to stimulate the thought process.

This month we present one that is thought to be military but we have not found any documents to prove it. One small notation hand written in pencil is all we have found on it officially in government archives. Can you prove it was military issue or even government prototype and back it up?

Hook_Blade.JPG (99719 bytes)    M2_Hook1.jpg (60762 bytes)

M2_Hook2.jpg (63402 bytes)    M2_Hook3.jpg (66298 bytes)
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Well, we believe it was military issue but do not have the proof to back it up, do you??


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