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Knife World Publications

Oregon Knife Collectors Assoc.

Bernard Levine's "Links Page"

Dale Sandberg's Knuckle Knives

Knife Web Guide™

Knife Directory . Com

John Spangler's OLDGUNS.NET Site

John Gibson and Gary Ruleford's Military Fighting Knives Site

Evan Nappen fights for your Gun & Knife Rights

Man At Arms Gun & Sword Books Site

Dennis "Otto" Ottobre's Bayonet Page

Shawn Gibsons Bayonet Connection

Christian Mery, French Collector

Per Holmback Bayonet Page

Martini Henry Bayonets

Jeffery Hayes Bayonet Page

SABC Official Site

Swiss Bayonets

Bayonet Trader Page

Carl's Old Smithy Page

P&S Militaria Bayonet Page

Urban Legends Page

Knife Forums . Com

Tomars Kabars!

Andrew Lipps Wartime Collectables Militaria Page

Walt Lojeski's Guns and Knives Page 

World Wide Militaria Exchange

Dennis Blaine Renaissance micro-crystalline wax/polish

Kristoff Verjans Bayonet Page

 Australian Military Knives

US Militaria Forum Knife Page  

Military Knives of the World Forum 

 Wilkinson FS Collectors Page 

Ralph E. Cobb's World Bayonets Page

River Valley Knives  



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