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4457.) Norwegian bayonet. Model 1894 bayonet with proper and matching steel scabbard. Both numbers match on this one with the last three also present on the rear of the scabbard. Well-marked piece with the integral blade also marked on both ricassos. $250.00  $175.00



4545.) Argentine M1891 bayonet. Aluminum grip model with full length blade. Blade has a few inactive rust spots and the crest was lightly ground. Proper and very nice scabbard so a bargain for $125.00






4547.) India GRI 1907 bayonet. Nicely dome 1907 with RFI 9/40 blade stamping. Regimental markings on pommel lightly stamped. Come with proper Mangrovite stamped scabbard dated 40 scabbard. $165.00





4548.) British / India P1913 bayonet. Remington made example with a 4/16 date. Typical proof markings but also has a capital I with a * next to it and the India improved blade tip alteration. Nice full Parkerized blade with proper scabbard. $165.00





4552.) Dutch Model 1895 Bayonet. Dutch 1895 Infantry bayonet. Marked HEMBRUG on the ricasso and various proof marks on the opposite side, blued blade. Wood grips with large steel rivets. Leather scabbard with steel finial knob and built in frog. Cool piece. $200.00





4553.) Australian M1907 bayonet. P1907 made in Lithgow and marked 1916. Multiple proof marked and serial numbered on the guard. Grips are stamped AUSTRALIA and tbe pommel is serial numbered as well. Scabbard is a Mangrovite looks to be 43 dated, OA marked chape and throat. Blade is Parkerized and in very nice condition. $250.00






4559.) Imperial German 1898 bayonet. The 1898 Quillback as it is known to collectors is in excellent plus condition. The blade and scabbard are completely unmarked and bright. The wood grips are excellent and like new. Close to flawless condition piece. $225.00





4560.) Imperial German 1898 bayonet. The 1898 Quillback as it is known to collectors is in very nice condition. This one is ricasso marked to W.K & C. / Solingen. The blade is excellent with the plated high polish intact. The plating on the grip shows flaking and wear but no damage. Scabbard leather is excellent. A much harder to find version. $300.00





4561.) Uruguayan, This started life as an  M1871 Mauser Daudetau bayonet converted to the M1900. Now here is an extremely obscure bayonet that is super scarce. The Mauser Daudetau rifle was a model 1871 Mauser convert in France for Uruguay. The Brass handled bayonet is numbered 1888 on the back. The blade is like that of the 1866 Lebel, cruciform and tapered. The one and only one of these I have ever had. $325.00





4563.) French M1914 bayonet. A Remington made Model 1914 for the Remington Rolling Blocks supplied to France in the 1914 emergency years. A very nice and somewhat hard to find piece of WW I equipment. Has the proper metal scabbard with the leather hanger riveted in place. Beautiful and original riveted wood grips. $325.00  





4566.) French M1892 Berthier bayonet. This first model with the composite grips is a hard to find piece, this one having the naval markings makes it ever more scarce. Very nice condition bayonet and scabbard $225.00





4567.) French M1892 Berthier bayonet. This second model with the wood grips was to reduces the cost and the cracking with the composition grips. The land forces were not concerned with water issues on the wood. This is a numbers matching very nice Berthier bayonet, $175.00





4570.) British P1913 bayonet. A Remington made P1913 dated 4/16. An excellent condition piece with the natural sandblasted blade finish over the blued grip and ricasso. This is one of the Triangle R marked blades Dan Morrison discusses in his book that is an unknown marking. Very scarce piece in great condition. $145.00



4587.) Remington Model of 1897 bayonet scabbard. Made for the Mexican Remington M1897 bayonet this one has the proper belt clip for use with the then popular Mills canvas ammo belt used around the world. First scabbard only I have ever found of this model. $100.00




4588.) Israeli 84/98 scabbard. Here is an extremely hard to find scabbard. Israeli made and dated 1949. Has all the proper markings and ownership marks for the then new IDF. $175.00







A110.) Unmarked 6 inch utility knife. Patterned after the Pal RH36 but not by them. Leather handle tight with one minor crack.  Six inch bright blade fighting knife with proper leather sheath. Shown in Silvey WWII - Pg189 $75.00 $60.00  HOLD





A162.) Kabar Mark 2 Model 1211 marked Ka-Bar and USA. Has the 7 inch serrated blade - Spec Ops Cordura tactical sheath. - This came from a Iraq War veteran who carried and used it in the war. $145.00 $125.00





A101.) Theater or shop made seven inch blade Bowie unmarked with large double crossguard, stacked rubber grip and steel pommel - Original to the knife high quality heavy leather sheath $75.00 $65.00






A339.) Navy Rope Knife with stag-horn grips and copper bale by J Beal & Sons, Sheffield – nice heavy knife with all steel construction. Blade is in polished condition $175.00 $150.00





A699.) Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad (G M O RR) Steel Railroad Lock with chain by Slaymaker, stamped 1958 on the shackle - No key  Cool old lock, I have several more. $20.00 $15.00







A155.) Puma Original Bowie with seven inch blade serial 39382 and original box & papers. Made in the second half of 1983 it doesn't get much better than this one. Complete as new - Correct sheath $675.00 $625.00





A244.) USMC Medical Corpsman Knife, no maker USMC deeply stamped only. This is the basis of the Cole Knucks he later made, the deep stamping is unique.. Started life as a Clyde made piece with the light etching which wears off easily.  - Correct sheath USMC Boyt 43. $250.00 $225.00





A398.) Imperial S98/05nA Bayonet marked C G Haenel (reverse), blade spine W17 - Correct scabbard - Both pieces stamped with property number 3187 light patina on grip. $245.00  $225.00





A465.) Dutch WWI period nine inch stiletto blade trench knife with numerous proof marks - Correct leather scabbard but mismatched numbers $350.00 $325.00





A468.) M1883 Japanese Imperial Navy WWII Navy officer’s Shin Gunto dagger. Authorized in 1883 (Meiji 16).  Has the correct white plastic later war time grip wrapped in gold gilded brass wire and wood pin. Correct scabbard with push lock to hold knife in place that operates correctly as designed. Neat piece- Correct later war leather scabbard completes set. $750.00  $650.00





A719.) Five inch bright blade marked CASE fighting knife with leather washer handle, double crossguard and steel pommel plate. Some patina present around the edges and on the pommel. Small nicks in the blade.  - Correct leather sheath $65.00 $50.00





A733.) Seven inch  blade fighting knife (unmarked but made by PAL) fashioned from a Model 1942 or M1 bayonet all bright metal with modified (cut-out) double crossguard, slot for bayonet lug & release button hole present - Correct leather sheath with added wire hanger for pistol belt and veteran’s name/service number to obverse & reverse. With this info it should be easy to look him up. $145.00 $125.00 SOLD





A173.) USN Mark 1 fighting knife by Geneva Forge with theatre re-grip stacked plexiglass & fiber handle, eagle head aluminum pommel, only marking is  large USN on reverse ricasso - No scabbard $75.00  $65.00



A354.) Hawk-bill or pruning blade folding knife with red hard rubber handles - Blade marked Boker USA & 9215R  $15.00  $10.00





A363.) Royal Navy Marlin Spike Knife with two blades; stag-horn grips and bale by Camillus Cutlery (four line maker) and dated 1915 with broad arrow on bale $165.00  $150.00





A424.) Imperial or Weimar era KS98 Dress Bayonet unmarked with short step-blade and early three rivet grip - Correct scabbard $175.00 $150.00





A475.) Japanese Imperial Army Type 30 Bayonet by Toyada Jido Shokki Seisakusho (TALW) 104th series, kanji painted to blade tang - Correct scabbard $135.00 $100.00





A011.) Colonial USN Mark 1 marked Colonial / Prov. R.I. & USN on the ricasso. Sailor modified  leather sheath with laced edge from period twine. Fine chipped blade with light pitting, no finish sharpened. $50.00






A203.) Imperial M5 bayonet. Early guard marked M5 Imperial with DAS stamped into guard. Chips and knicks in blade, correct fiber mil std grips with one side cracked. - Correct M8A1 VP Co scabbard $65.00





A426.) Third Reich KS98 Dress Bayonet unmarked with short step-blade - Correct scabbard. Painted black for dress purposes. $85.00  



A023.) Robeson Shuredge marked Robeson ShurEdge / No 20 & U.S.N. /  Mark 1 Full blade lightly sharpened, full and tight leather grip with decorative dimples in the leather. Guard and pommel are tight. Has previous owners name scratched in the pommel. Correct leather sheath $75.00 SOLD




A065A.) EGW with 7 1/4 inch blade with straight back and opener. Original cutting edge  Full and tight leather grip with steel fitting and stell retaining ring. Correct sheath soft and supple condition. $125.00 SOLD






A219.) M9 bayonet marked M9 LanCay USA (1st Contract, 4th Variation, No Blade Fuller) - 1st Contract Scabbard, early "PI" designed by LanCay with straight screwdriver tip and 1992 dated ITW NEXUS buckle also marked Fastex # SR-11/2 $325.00





A376.) Fairbairn-Sykes third pattern crossguard stamped broad arrow over 21 and England. Grip mold marked 1 - Correct sheath with upper tab ripped. $325.00








A225.) M9 bayonet marked M9 Ontario Knife Co. USA (2nd Contract, Ergonomic Handle, Black Blade) - Ontario Knife Co. improved scabbard with 2008 ITW NEXUS buckle also marked Fastex # SR-11/2 $225.00






A721.) Seven inch bright double edge stiletto blade (unmarked but thought to be made by Case) fighting knife with leather washer handle, double crossguard and aluminum pommel. Blade has been scuffed / sharpened. Correct leather sheath soft and supple still  $175.00





A737.) Case 337-6” Q Quartermaster knife. Blade marked CASE only which is the harder version to be found, thought to be the Navy contract. Light sharpening and some speckles on the blade. Full tight grip and solid pommel. Correct left handed leather sheath $235.00 SOLD





A762.) Gordon Survival Knife with eight inch blade marked Made in China, larger double crossguard, hollow handle and compass - Correct Cordura sheath $40.00





A057.) L. Baker marked seven inch Bowie blade fighting knife, handle replaced by 20mm brass shell casing – a wartime expedient and rim dated as such.  Typical Leo Baker fabrication made from a file with traces of the file blade teeth left showing. Deeply stamped as usual on Baker made knives. A super hard to find marking that was wartime used and updated. $2500.00






A204.) M7 stamped Colt’s, etc West German made by Carl Eickhorn - Correct M8A1 scabbard marked Made in W. Germany a well, nice matched set. Like new unused.  $175.00





A254.) USAAF Folding Machete, Camillus made and so marked. Part of the bailut seat pad kit - Correct sheet metal blade guard $175.00





A397.) Imperial S98/05nA Bayonet marked Carl Eickhorn (reverse), blade spine W16 - Correct scabbard - Rare Maker $195.00






A469.) Japanese Imperial Army Type 30 Bayonet by Hikari Seika (Tokyo Hourglass) 91st series - Correct scabbard $135.00





A714.) Straight Guard M3 fighting knife maker marked CASE under the straight double cross guard, lightly sharpened, good condition - Correct M8 scabbard $250.00 SOLD





A726.) Kinfolks six inch bright blade fighting knife with double cross guard and leather washer handle, black plastic pommel - Correct tooled leather sheath marked Kinfolks and named to veteran on obverse $145.00





A777.) Czech VZ24 Bayonet blade marked with crossed horse heads with all bright finish, bottom of spine stamped entwined CM (Romanian?) - Scabbard appears to be a refurbished S24(t) with dot removed as well as the German style throat fitting, frog hanging hook has been ground to remove the WaA $125.00






A104.) Theatre made Bowie seven inch blade with stacked leather/plexiglass/aluminum grip - High quality sheath (named) $145.00





A143a.) Jet Pilot Survival Knife pommel marked Ontario & 5-94, excellent plus almost new condition. Previous owner vibro engraved their unit on the pommel - Correct Type 5 scabbard $85.00





A169.) Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) Ultima 360 fighting knife with seven inch Tanto blade - Correct Cordura tactical sheath with drop thigh strap - Both pieces mint unused in the original 2007 dated box. Very cool knife! $225.00






A229.) Collins No. 1005 USMC used Engineer  Machete with horn grip USMC and several B3 stamps. Very well marked with the unit designation in the bright green grips and stamped into the blade. Unusual to see USMC and unit marking on one of these bolos but they were certainly used at the time by all our forces.- No scabbard $300.00





A385.) Prussian Police Säbel or Sidearm by Alexander Coppel. Well marked and great condition- Correct scabbard that is still soft and supple. Hard to beat this piece as old as it is and carried. $325.00







 A438.) Third Reich Labor Corps kitchen cleaver with unknown Circle S maker stamp & RAD 1939. I really don't know what it is but looks cool. $125.00 SOLD





A624.) US Army Model 1902 Cavalry Canteen complete with original 1903 pattern canvas hanging strap - Front of cover stenciled with large US, reverse with large crossed cavalry sabers and E unit information - Canteen body has correct rear circular depression, cork stopper and hardware - Hanging strap stamped RIA 1904 and is complete with blackened brass hardware $200.00 SOLD






A111.) Williams Bros Cutlery Co. out of San Francisco, etched blade. It appears that the knife was made by Ontario Knife Co. as their knife and light etch is exactly the same. Leather handle with red spacers and six inch bright blade fighting knife - Leather sheath (Silvey WWII – 203 shown as unmarked but it is lightly etched.) Super hard to find knife. $125.00  





A153.) Kabar 1209 Vietnam era PX knife with six inch Parkerized blade - Correct sheath. Outstanding piece in about perfect condition, , little known but popular with the troops in the Vietnam era. $175.00. SOLD





A177.) Theater or shop made eight inch blade fighting knife fashioned from a Model 1892 Krag bayonet marked US 1901 with modified double cross guard, grip & pommel remain as issued, reverse grip scale stamped 35 A - No scabbard $75.00





 A230.) Springfield Armory 1904 Bolo dated 1909 serial 9632 - No scabbard, full blade but it is pitted somewhat. Nice four digit serial number piece.  $125.00 SOLD





A395a.) Rare ersatz sawback model based on the S98/05. This is the first one of these I have ever had or even seen in person. Excellent piece for the Ersatz collector.  Does have a dent in the scabbard on both sides, know anyone with the correct armorers tool to take them out? $300.00 SOLD





 A412.) Imperial or Weimar era hunting/skinning knife with four inch blade marked Solingen and stag-horn grip - Correct sheath $25.00

A434.) Third Reich period (or possibly post-1945) hunting/skinning knife with four inch blade marked Rehwappen Solingen and natural deer foot grip - Correct sheath $45.00
Purchase both for $60.00 SOLD





 A441.) Third Reich S/84/98 Bayonet for the K98k Rifle Marked S/185 (Elite Diamant) and dated 1937 - Correct scabbard also marked S/185 but mismatched numbers $125.00





A634.) USMC Korean War Canteen set - Model 1910 cover with Post-WWII improvements, enlarged mounting reinforcement, seven stitch front, side seam construction, maker Collette Mfg Co 1952, very rare USMC stamped obverse - Model 1910 stainless steel canteen with horizontal crimp stamped US Vollrath 1945, a reissue, mated with a Model 1910 stainless steel cup marked US SS Mfg Div 1953 $95.00




 A720.) Five inch bright blade marked CASE Tested XX in script “Pig Sticker” fighting knife with bone handle plates and integral double crossguard - Leather sheath Has a small chip in the bone at the base, show in a photo. $125.00 SOLD



 A772.) Third Reich WWII Luftwaffe issue five inch blade boot knife with W (Paul Weyersberg) maker’s mark (tip damaged). Why is everyone of these I find have a broken tip? Kids playing with Dads brought home booty? Dad himself throwing it?  - Correct scabbard $225.00



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Book Two US & Allied WW2 Knives.  676 pages.   $217 including US shipping. 


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Robbins Dudley

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Editions du Brevail

Our good friend Christian Mery has a book website that caters to the knife and bayonet collectors. Good quality books with quality photos and descriptions for the collectors. Some are in French and others in English. These will not be found any where else. Take a look, you will be happy with them. 

The US Enfield Bayonet Book
This book is the most complete review of the U.S. Enfield bayonet ever assembled. The study also includes the development of the P1913, P1914, and M1917 rifles and the many shotguns retro-fitted with the bayonet attachment. There are full chapters on subject: bayonets, scabbards; new information from a proprietary database on scarcity and markings (contains information on 2,166 bayonets); mechanical drawings on the M1917 and M1917(Vietnam) bayonet models; pictures and information regarding R.O.T.C., National Guard, Home Guard; guidance on how to Collect/Record/Value/Sell a bayonet; chapters devoted to Bayonet Training, Fakes and Reproductions, Finishes; Related Accessories; Miscellaneous/Oddities; Bayonet Conversions to Fighting Knives; details on Bayonets and Frogs of WWII Lend-Lease.The book contains 494 visuals. These include production drawings, manufacturing tables, bayonet markings, scabbard markings, period photos, period cartoons, etc. etc.The U.S. Enfield rifles (.303 and .30-06 calibers) were issued by more than thirty countries. They were used by the U.S. in WWI, Siberia, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Granada, the Gulf Wars and more. U.S. Enfields were also used between the wars by many countries from Ethiopia to Goa, Mexico, and Japan.
The book was written for bayonet collectors, U.S. Enfield rifle collectors (Remington and Winchester), combat shotgun collectors, fighting knife collectors, sellers, museums, libraries, weapons researchers, re-enactors and students of military history.An outstanding publication, heralded by experts.
Books have been already sold to individuals in seventeen countries ranging from Australia to Serbia.
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