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 Military Knives




1221.)    The MACE (Martial Arts Center of Excellence) Dunham – Wetherbee IT Couse Award Presentation knife. Quite possibly a once in a lifetime chance to own the USMC presentation award knife prototype / specimen used at the famous Marine Corps MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)  program. The Dunham – Wetherbee award is awarded by the MAIT (Martial Arts Instructor Trainer) staff to the Most Improved Marine during the course. The Knife is an Ek Commando Model 3 with black para-cord grip and gold plated cross guard. The knife comes in a fitted wood case with red felt cut out inlay. Named after Corporal Jason Dunham, MOH recipient  and 1st Lieutenant Alexander Wetherbee, both killed in action in Iraq in 2004. This is the third variant of the award created and presented in 2007. Comes with history of the award and documentation. $650.00  




1282.)    Leather Ontario Knife Co marked sheath for the M3 knife they currently produce. Like new. $15.00




1283.)    Leather CASE XX  USMC  marked current type sheath like new. $15.00



1284.)    Leather KA-BAR USMC  marked current type sheath like new. $15.00





1295.)    Fairbairn – Sykes as new and unused blued blade still in the wrap. This is the third model blade with a needle point tip and threaded tang rod. Never assembled into a knife, it is perfect. $100.00



1296.)    US M3 Camillus blade marked M3 blade only. As new in the sealed bag Camillus blued M3 blade that was never assembled into a knife. Right from the Camillus factory sale. $100.00 




1310.)    M4 Bayonet blade never used. Has full Parkerized coverage with some handling marks. Has correct 90 degree run out or back cut as some call it. Never sharpened. $60.00  



1313.)    Cloth type sheath for the M1917 bayonet. Like new with correct M1910 bent hook hanger. $20.00  
(I thought these were for the training bayonet but Gary Cunningham found they were for the M1917. The trainer does not fit!)



1314.)    Imperial M7 bayonet still in the correct government wrap, never opened. Has the Imperial contract number in the bag which is a 1973 Fiscal year contract to Imperial. Keep it original or open it up and let out the 1973 air, your choice. $65.00  




1315.)    USMC Bayonet 2000 as new still in factory fresh package. Here we have the rarest USMC bayonet in existence and in the original package! This bayonet stirred up quite a bit of controversy when it was selected by the Marines as the front line bayonet for the Corps. With lawsuits and holdups the Eickhorn company filed for bankruptcy and the bayonet was dropped from the selection. Still it was an official USMC bayonet for a very short time period. Required for an advanced USMC collection, most folks probably never heard of this bayonet. $600.00



1319.)    Prototype 18 X-Ray Auto made by Darrel Ralph. This is one of three original prototype 18 X-Rays hand made by Darrel Ralph that went on to become the premier Camillus folder in the Cuda lineup. The knife comes with an e-mailed page from Darrel to Bill Adams certifying it to be one of three made for the project. As new condition prototype knife. Once in a lifetime chance to own this outstanding auto. $1500.00 NOW $1,400.00



1251.)    Leather USAF Jet Pilots knife pouch type sheath. Never used old stock replacement sheath with minor storage and handling marks. $65.00  Now $45.00




1217.)    Ontario OKC-3T USMCMAP MACE Contract circa 2005-2006 early Turquoise colored blade with less than 100 made. Used but not abused by the Marines in training. $250.00  Now $120.00




1320.)    Prototype Benchmark JFKSWC knife in as new condition. Circa 1984 Benchmark received an order from the JFK Special Warfare Center for the TAC-II. They requested a different pommel, one that could be used for hammering. This is that prototype they submitted for that project. The blade is marked BenchMark / by Gerber and serial numbered 000000. This is a one of a kind Special Forces knife retained by the factory. A super piece for an advanced Special Forces collection. $2750.00  Now $2,600.00



1180.)    M9 Lightweight Prototype (Lan-Cay contract). Dark Brown coloring with special hardened aluminum tang rod and cross guard. Only 100 made with this spec and darker color for testing at Rock Island. Ultra Rare, as new M9 bayonet. WAS $1200.00 NOW $625.00  



1349.)    Ulster TL-29 Electricians knife. Blade marked Ulster and etched with the U.S. GOVT / TK-29 Specification marking that is like new. In fact the whole knife is superb. $65.00  Now $old




1352.)    Camco / USA two line marked TL-29 electricians knife. This is a plastic handled model made under the Camillus trade name of CAMCO. Grip is stamped TL-29 with white impregnated into the stamping. A very hard to find knife in like new mint condition. $65.00  Now $old



1359.)    Hospital Corps Knife sheath only. Marked from the Watervliet Arsenal where it was made. Excellent condition leather with only minor crazing on the surface. Hard to find alone. If your knife needs a sheath upgrade grab it, you might not have another chance. $135.00  Now $old






1363.)    Case XX V-44 machete. This is the real V-44 as made for the Navy M-572 back pack bail out kit. This machete still has the dipped blade covering, I have never seen one like this before but have seen other long tern storage items that were dipped in the same soft wax/rubber type coating. Obviously never used, you buy it and you can take the covering off for the first time since 1944. $250.00   Now $210.00


1374.)    Sheath for the Australian 6 inch Utility knife. This is a repro sheath made for the knives they were making about 10 years ago. Does not have the retaining strap but does have the US Model 1910 bent wire hook. $old



1378.)    Colonial AAC C-1 Survival Vest knife. Nice condition with great snap. The blades are intact and unsharpened. Both grips tigh and no cracks. Name is very lightly stamped, almost unnoticeable. $old



1379.)    Collins No.18 little machete mistakenly called the V44. Great condition knife red brass grip rivets and yellow brass guard. Blade has some nicks from use. Scabbard is soft and supple, fancy version with leather belt frog. $old



1380.)    Conetta US marked Mark 2 from the Vietnam era. Excellent condition with only sheath wear on the blade. Has proper sheath with Marines name and number on it and the rack number as well. Great Knife. $150.00



1381.)    LF&C M1918 dated bolo scabbard. In excellent condition, all there without the typical dent from packing at the tip. $75.00



1382.)    Brauer Bros 1918 dated bolo scabbard. Great woven cloth coved scabbard if you need to upgrade this is the one. Excellent condition $50.00



1383.)    US Model 1917 hard plastic scabbard for the M1917 bayonet. This the the BM CO marked throat with a code of B-N over 1. Like new condition can not be upgraded. $50.00



1384.)    US M6 Viner Brothers 1943 dated scabbard for the M3 Trench Knife. Excellent condition, still soft and supple leather, all rivets and snap intact. $old



1385.)    Patton Blade cut down into a fighting knife in the WW II era. LF&C Dated 1918 blade and stamped U.S. with eagle inspectors marking. Comes with the proper tooled leather sheath. Cool knife. $old



1386.)    Camillus Guard Marked USMC Fighting Utility knife. Light sharpening to the blade edge, grip and guard are tight and like new. Has proper leather sheath the is also in excellent condition. $200.00



1387.)    M5A1 bayonet with grips made into a knuckle knife. One cast aluminum grip handle has knuckles cast into it and bolted in place. Other grip is original standard. The bayonet is a Milpar made M5A1. Cool piece that is different from others I have seen. $300.00




Classic Books On Sale

B001.) The American Bayonet by Albert N. Hardin 

Still the standard reference book on United States Bayonets. This is the one all others are measured by. Hardin has done all the research for us on the American bayonet and to date little has been found to add to this work. It is dated with little coverage on the M7 but prior to that is all you want to know. Last printed in 1987 it is very rare to find on the market today. 

Excellent Condition Now $100.00



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