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Updated 04/20/14

I guarantee all items to be authentic and as described. I give a seven (7) business day inspection period with any purchase. If you are not happy with the knife for any reason please return it for a full refund. No reasons needed, just contact me to let me know it is coming back. If you need to return a knife please ship it insured as we can not be responsible for the postal company chosen. I prefer payment by PayPal, but will accept Cash, Money Order or Certified Check. I also accept personal checks but I have to wait 10 days or more to see if they clear if we have not done business before.

I will hold a knife for 7 days for you. If I do not hear from you then it goes back into the list. I will do a lay a way plan, contact me and we can make the arrangements.  


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566. Eickhorn Bayonet 2000 Wire Cutter in as new condition in the original packaging. Another rare Eickhorn bayonet, this one was not selected by the USMC in the trials. A rare bayonet made in the US but not adopted. $300.00  





751. Beautiful traditional Caucasian Kindjal Dress Dagger. Has clean bone grip with two decorative floral rivets. Has proper made to fit scabbard that is chrome plated brass. Nickel silver pommel with red felt guard spacer. Steel double edged blade is ceremonial and never sharpened. Outstanding Cossack piece. $150.00  





905. Frazier made FZR marked US M7 bayonet. Excellent plus condition super hard to find US bayonet. It would be hard to ever upgrade this one. $225.00




846. Buck Intrepid with chisel point. This is an awesome multi-purpose knife to attach to your web gear. Has the do it all features that arise with every day life in the field. As new in the box. $85.00 




847. Buck Intrepid fixed blade knife. This Intrepid has the coveted Tanto Point blade for superior penetrating power with the strength of the point not being compromised. New in the box. $85.00 



879. SIG TAC Rangemaster Skeleton Folder. Liner locking folder from SIG Arms Co. to compliment the awesome pistols they produce. A work of art strong every day carry knife. New in the Box. $75.00




927. USMC Bayonet 2000 as new still in factory fresh package, never in the scabbard. Here we have the rarest USMC bayonet in existence and in the original package! This bayonet stirred up quite a bit of controversy when it was selected by the Marines as the front line bayonet for the Corps. With lawsuits and holdups the Eickhorn company filed for bankruptcy and the knife was dropped from the selection. Still it was an official USMC bayonet for a very short time period. Required for an advanced USMC collection, most folks probably never heard of this bayonet. $600.00




932. Awesome Canadian Training bayonet as shown in the ABC book. Super rare and hard to come by, training bayonets got more use and abuse so rarely survive beyond a few months in use and were rarely saved. Has some age pitting and loss of chrome finish. Cool piece $240.00  




933. Phrobis III M9 Bayonet, four lines marking with Pat. Pend. marked blade. Early Phrobis marked scabbard with proper Fastex and Bianchi clip. All correct as issued piece. $145.00   



962. Prototype Benchmark JFKSWC knife in as new condition. Circa 1984 Benchmark received an order from the JFK Special Warfare Center for the TAC-II. They requested a different pommel, one that could be used for hammering. This is that prototype they submitted for that project. The blade is marked BenchMark / by Gerber and serial numbered 000000. This is a one of a kind Special Forces knife retained by the factory. A super piece for an advanced Special Forces collection. $2400.00  




963. Prototype 18 X-Ray as made by Darrel Ralph. This is one of three original prototype 18 X-Rays hand made by Darrel Ralph. It is the prototype using the SAS or Speed Auto Safety design. The knife comes with an e-mailed page from Darrel to Bill Adams certifying it to be one of three. As new condition prototype knife that can not be upgraded or possibly duplicated. Try to find on of the other remaining two for sale!  $1500.00


I am listing a few knives that are the original knives used by Howard Cole to draw his famous photos in his books. These are the exact knives he held and studied to create his art. Here is your chance to own a piece of history. All BK marked knives come with a Letter of Provenance.


BK35. Aluminum handled knife show in Cole IV pg 177. Made from the blade of the “Delta Knife” with a cast aluminum grip. As the Delta was made and sold in 1944 – 1945 era this is a WW II era knife or possibly the demo made before the plastic grip was devised. In any case this is the very knife shown in Cole IV and will come with a letter of authenticity as proof. $300.00




964. Colonial made Mark 1 clear handle prototype knife. Originally made to show Naval Ordnance haw the handle was created and attached. These knives were presented for testing and approved for production. Production was in black with a parkerized finish. These prototypes were clear or somewhat milky with a polished bright blade. I have only seen a hand full in all my collecting years. Very Rare $500.00  





970. This one impresses me, an Original Gus Marsh 3 piece handmade Sea Wolf Knife one of only 28 made and no others are known by me to exist. This is the original, authentic, exact knife in Cole IV pg. 177 where Howard states the knife is unmarked, it is not, it was engraved lightly with ARG 7337-1 / CPT on the grip on both sides. I have attempted to post photos of the light etching so you can see it. This is one of the rarest US Military used knives in existence and crosses over into the Diving world as well. Superb and super rare piece. Harvey Reisberg did a great article in these for Knife World. Gus said most were probably lost in Subic Bay or San Diego so no one knows haw many are left in the world. Once in a lifetime opportunity $6000.00  



971. Korean cut down M5. These were made by Korea but cutting down lend lease M1 bayonets to make them conform to the short blade M5 series. Keep it as an M5 or buy it for the parts to restore your M1905 – M1 bayonet with the parts. $30.00



972. Korean cut down M5. These were made by Korea but cutting down lend lease M1 bayonets to make them conform to the short blade M5 series. Keep it as an M5 or buy it for the parts to restore your M1905 – M1 bayonet with the parts. $30.00



975. OKC 3T USMC training bayonets. Official USMC issue training bayonet with blue plastic blade. They mark the edge with a paint stick to show scores. As new in the bag like issued. $75.00



976. OKC 3T USMC training bayonets. Official USMC issue training bayonet with blue plastic blade. They mark the edge with a paint stick to show scores. As new in the bag like issued. $75.00



977. Marto / Phrobis manufactured M9 for the Franklin Mint Desert Shield plaques they made. No manufacturer marking on the M9 stamping. Comes with the original edge protector used in shipping. $250.00



978. Belgian FN 49 bayonet with proper scabbard. Beautiful double edged blade typical of this series. $75.00



979. LanCay First Contract M9 with wide and deep fuller. Proper 1992 dated scabbard with exposed stone. Excellent condition, lightly used with slightly repointed tip. $300.00



981. Buck M9 with black oxide coated blade. Dated 1992 with the Buck date code of (-). Has the proper green Buck stamped scabbard and green web pouch. Like New $275.00



982. Phrobis III 1991 Desert Storm Commemorative M9A1. This is the improved M9A1 model that was proposed but not adopted. Has the Coalition state’s names engraved on it along with the date. Superb piece $700.00



984. Lan-Cay M9 with All black no stone scabbard. 1998 dated buckle is correct for this piece. Top of hangar is green webbing. $150.00



985. Phrobis International M9 with black plastic scabbard and black oxide blade. One of only thirty five ever made with all black parts. The black oxide coated blade with this marking may be the hardest of all pieces to find. Hesitate and you are lost. Super rare piece. $1100.00



988. Black knives were first developed in 1987 with the first production run in 1988.  They were sold to Navy Seal Teams and were used in Operation Desert Storm. Here we have a BLK-2000 Presentation knife for General Anthony C. Zinni USMC 4 Star who was Commander in Chief of the US Central Command. Unique piece for a unique man. Knife is like new and perfect. $500.00



989. Utica Jet Pilot knife. The rarest of the rare, it took me years to find my first one of these for my collection. The contract was small and these are the center piece to any JPK collections. Has some finish wear but the knife is all there. Get this one now at a great deal. $old



990. A beautiful Theatre Knife from the Roger Ballard Collection. Roger was collection these knives as far back as I can remember. Way before anyone else was and he assembled a fantastic collection. Roger drew out small information cards to display with his knives when setting up at a show or to display in his study room. This knife is in the Wright Theater Knives book on pg 157 with the owners name engraved into the blade. Massive Bowie type 14 ¾ overall with a 9 3/8 blade. Super piece $300.00



991. Another knife from the Theater Knife book from pg 89 at the top. A large well made knife at 12 ½ inches overall with a blade length of 8 ¼ inches. Knife grip is cast aluminum, plastic and brass. Comes with a heavy leather sheath. Nice one. $300.00


Well that’s it for now. Thanks for reading through the list. If you find something you like let me know. I can be reached at or 856 845 0263 or

Frank Trzaska
PO Box 5866
Deptford, NJ 08096

Anyway you prefer is fine with me. If calling try to make it after 6PM Eastern as I am usually out during the day at my "real" job.

These items are sold as historical and collectible items only. The items are warranted to be as described and shown in the photographs. No guarantee or warranty is expressed or implied as to the usability of the items for its original purpose. The buyer, certifies that he or she is of lawful age and is not prevented by any law from the purchase or possession of these items. The buyer is responsible for knowing, understanding and obeying all Federal, State and Local laws concerning the purchase and possession of this item.

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