A Photo Celebration of the
Krag Bowie Bayonet


This month we show what must be considered one of the most aesthetically appealing bayonets ever created by the U.S. This bayonet is extremely rare to encounter but once you have seen one in person there is no doubt in your mind it is a beautiful specimen. Watch out for repros of this bayonet, they abound.


M1900 Bowie1.JPG (238133 bytes)    M1900 Bowie2.JPG (464927 bytes)    M1900 Bowie3.JPG (469477 bytes)

M1900 Bowie4.JPG (468937 bytes)    M1900 Bowie5.JPG (447507 bytes)


M1900 Bowie Sca1.JPG (53967 bytes)    M1900 Bowie Sca2.JPG (54468 bytes)    M1900 Bowie Sca3.JPG (66172 bytes)

We hope you have enjoyed so far, there are thousands left to go! 

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