A Photo Celebration of the
Rare Savage Bayonet

Click on the thumbnails for the full size photos. It is little known that the Savage Arms Company produced bayonets, not one but at least two models for the 1899 lever action rifle. The last one we seen that traded hands publicly went for over $4,000.00 and was in excellent condition. These are extremely rare bayonets so why show a couple for all to enjoy.


M1899Sav1.JPG (404345 bytes)    M1899Sav2.JPG (432258 bytes)    M1899Sav3.JPG (459585 bytes)    M1899Sav4.JPG (435519 bytes)    M1899Sav5.JPG (262732 bytes)
This is the short bladed model that is generally known about and scabbard.


M1899SavLong1.JPG (231062 bytes)    M1899SavLong2.JPG (321362 bytes)    M1899SavLong3.JPG (352526 bytes)    M1899SavLong4.JPG (412163 bytes)    M1899SavLong5.JPG (426198 bytes)
This is the long bladed model that is not generally seen or mentioned.


We hope you have enjoyed so far, there are thousands left to go! 

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