A Continued Photo Celebration of the
Krag Cadet Bayonet

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size photos in all their glory!

This month we feature the last Krag Cadet bayonet. How's that for a full feature of the rare cadet bayonets! We also show the rest of the cadet scabbards this month.

Cadet Final1a.JPG (66040 bytes)

The 1985 Krag bayonet that was hand selected, rebuilt and chromed for the Cadets.

Cadet Final2a.JPG (154931 bytes)

Note the new wood and the spanner nuts holding it together.

Cadet Final3a.JPG (153142 bytes)

Opposite view showing the straight slot screw heads.

Cadet Final4a.JPG (123144 bytes)

Close up of the typical U.S. Markings.

Cadet Final5a.JPG (105896 bytes)

Close up of the 1985 date marking.

Cadet Sca All.JPG (111779 bytes)

All three scabbards.

Cadet Sca6.JPG (94210 bytes)

Close up of the swivel type mechanism.

Cadet Sca7.JPG (62170 bytes)

Overall of the swivel scabbard.

Cadet Sca8.JPG (78792 bytes)

Overall of the quick dismount type.

Cadet Sca9.JPG (144347 bytes)

Rear view of the belt attaching bracket.

Cadet Sca9a.JPG (140021 bytes)

Front view of the above belt attaching device.


We hope you have enjoyed so far, there are thousands left to go! 

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