A Photo Celebration of the 
Krag Bolo Bayonet


This month we show the Krag Bolo Bayonet, Model of 1902. Very few were made making this one of the rarest of bayonets in the US military. Enjoy.


M1902 Bolo1.JPG (208685 bytes)    M1902 Bolo2.JPG (451903 bytes)    M1902 Bolo3.JPG (460318 bytes)    M1902 Bolo4.JPG (332841 bytes)    M1902 Bolo5.JPG (461846 bytes)    M1902 Bolo6.JPG (306118 bytes)    M1902 Bolo7.JPG (450628 bytes)

M1902 Bolo Sca1.JPG (234944 bytes)    M1902 Bolo Sca2.JPG (243602 bytes)    M1902 Bolo Sca3.JPG (101566 bytes)    


This should be adequate to keep you out of trouble with the fakes out there. We get numerous questions on this one, it is a very collectable knife with many folks looking for one. Easy prey for the unknowing.

Next month we will have more knives from the museum. Until then... Enjoy.

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