A Photo Celebration of the 
Model of 1918 Mk 1 H.D.& S.


This month we show the Henry Disston & Sons version of the Mk 1 Trench Knife. Just a few shots to show the overall knife and the correct markings on the handle. Note the chemical blackening of the knife. This is correct in an "as issued" knife right from the factory. Many we see today have had the blackening removed so the knife polishes up real good. The chemical compound did in fact wear quickly so little effort is needed to remove it altogether. Not many are found in this condition, keep hunting! 

M1918MK1HDS1a.JPG (72223 bytes)    M1918MK1HDS3a.JPG (70789 bytes)    M1918MK1HDS2a.JPG (43358 bytes)

This should be adequate to keep you out of trouble with the fakes out there. We get numerous questions on this one, it is a very collectable knife with many folks looking for one. Easy prey for the unknowing.

Next month we will have more knives from the museum. Until then... Enjoy.

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