A Photo Celebration of the 
Model of 1918 Mk1 Trench Knife

Aulion Marked Version

This month we show the AuLion marked Model of 1918 Mk1 Trench Knife. Prior to the US companies putting the new knife into production the French cutlery company Society General was cranking them out for the troops. We have never seen a photo of one being worn in  a WW I era photo so do not know if they ever made it in time for any action but most believe they did not. Enjoy.

M1918MK1AuLion1a.JPG (30158 bytes)    M1918MK1AuLion2a.JPG (15996 bytes)    M1918MK1AuLion3a.JPG (14604 bytes)    M1918MK1AuLion4a.JPG (31632 bytes)  

  M1918MK1AuLion5a.JPG (33850 bytes)    M1918MK1AuLion6a.JPG (30410 bytes)    M1918MK1AuLion7a.JPG (26580 bytes)
Click on the thumbnails for the full size photos.

Note we show the back of the handles on the smooth top and the grooved pattern. Both were made by Society General with the smooth top seeming to be the uncommon version of the two. Not that either is common in excellent condition!

Next month we will have more knives from the museum. Until then... Enjoy.

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