A Photo Celebration of the 
Model of 1917 Trench Knife

The H.D.& S Model

This month we show the Model of 1917 Trench Knife. Designated as such in Benedict Crowells America's Munitions we have continued to use the designation. There is still much controversy as to which is the Model 1917 and which is the Model 1918 so we will stick with the Assistant Secretary of War until proven otherwise.

M1917hda1.JPG (15653 bytes)  M1917hdb1.JPG (25011 bytes)  M1917hdc1.JPG (16230 bytes)  M1917hde1.JPG (25499 bytes)  M1917hde1.JPG (25499 bytes)  M1917hdg1.JPG (24549 bytes)
Click on the thumbnails for the full size photo

You will note we show two different models of the HD&S knife. The first over all photo shows the conventional guard with the rounded flanges. The close ups of the handle and guard show the very rare pointed version. This is thought to be the first design with the pointed flanges. A very rare piece!

Next month we will have more knives from the museum. Until then... Enjoy.

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