A Photo Celebration of
the USMC intrenching machete


This month we show what must be considered a very rare item to be found in excellent or better condition. These machetes were used and used hard. Rarely is one found not pitted or sharpened. Enjoy.

Intrench1.JPG (114163 bytes)    Intrench2.JPG (164666 bytes)    Intrench3.JPG (135102 bytes)    Intrench4.JPG (154729 bytes)    Intrench5.JPG (133555 bytes)    Intrench6.JPG (211882 bytes)    Intrench7.JPG (124294 bytes)    Intrench8.JPG (130695 bytes)    Intrench9.JPG (133312 bytes)    Intrench 10.JPG (130406 bytes)    Intrench 11.JPG (63342 bytes)    Intrench 12.JPG (67814 bytes)    Intrench 13.JPG (194056 bytes)    Intrench 14.JPG (145660 bytes)    Intrench 15.JPG (145160 bytes)    Intrench Sca1.JPG (133954 bytes)    Intrench Sca2.JPG (139679 bytes)

Next month we will have more knives from the museum. Until then... Enjoy.

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