A Photo Celebration of the
M1905 Hospital Corps Knife


This month we show what must be one of the finest knives produced by the U.S. Government. A beautifully made piece of art that is overly heavy, awkward to use and needs constant attention to keep it clean. Still a fine knife.

M1904a.JPG (277773 bytes)    M1904b.JPG (435266 bytes)    M1904c.JPG (475230 bytes)    M1904d.JPG (424882 bytes)    M1904e.JPG (403197 bytes)    M1904f.JPG (445485 bytes)    M1904g.JPG (475176 bytes)    M1904 Sca1.JPG (416499 bytes)    M1904 Sca2.JPG (437880 bytes)    M1904 Sca3.JPG (462512 bytes)    M1904 Sca4.JPG (408013 bytes)    M1904 Sca5.JPG (395688 bytes)    M1904 Sca6.JPG (462179 bytes)


We hope you have enjoyed so far, there are thousands left to go! 

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