A Photo Celebration of the
Krag Model of 1896 Cadet Bayonet

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size photos in all their glory!

Cadet b1.JPG (250075 bytes)
An overall view of the Model of 1896 Krag Cadet Bayonet. A very highly sought after bayonet, this Krag is bright and in excellent condition.


Cadet b2.JPG (89115 bytes)
Here is a flip side view of the same bayonet showing the opposite side. It is superb.


Cadet b3.JPG (153914 bytes)

A close up of the date marking on the Cadet. Although rare and hard to find there is one rarer then this one.


Cadet b4.JPG (151481 bytes)

A close up of the opposite side showing U.S. marking stamped into the ricasso.


Cadet Sca All.JPG (111779 bytes)

Krag Cadet scabbards are even rarer then the bayonets. Here are three versions shown side by side. Awesome!

More next month, stay tuned!