Although we had to choose a name that we hope everyone will remember it was difficult to make the decision. In doing so we didn't want to exclude the bayonet collectors or the edged tool (read that machete) collectors. What we want to do is celebrate all sharpened edges used by the United States and Allied Military Forces. The Military Edge is what we like and that is what we will represent on these pages. Some of you may have followed the writing we have done over the years in various places, several pieces are published here. Check back often to the Knife Knotes pages as we will publish new material as it strikes us. Some of you may see the same conversations we have had in public and or private as this is where we get our ideas, generated by brain stimulation and debate. We will not use any names here unless permission is given by all parties involved.  We look to hear from other collectors as that is the only way we learn anything at all. We challenge you to find us wrong, in facts, for if you do, it will move the whole of the community ahead in finding the truth. Press On and Enjoy! 

All the Best

Frank Trzaska


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